Dosimeter - PM1610B / B-01
Dosimeter - PM1610B / B-01

Dosimeter - PM1610B / B-01

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Produktbeschreibung: Dosimeter - PM1610B / B-01

Gamma Radiation Personal Dosimeter for Civil Defense and Emergency services

New continuous and pulse electronic personal dosimeters PM1610B/B-01 are specifically designed for personnel who are at risk of irradiation during professional activities.

Ease of use and adjustment, light weight and shockproof hermetic case make the PM1610B/B-01 dosimeters especially useful and effective means for professionals who have to deal with emergencies and radiation accidents.

New continuous and pulse electronic personal dosimeters PM1610B / B-01 are specifically designed for personnel who are at risk of irradiating during professional activities.

PM1610B / B-01 is a special modification of PM1610 series personal dosimeters. The instrument is equipped with AAA (LR03) battery so it is ready to be used immediately after installing the battery. PM1610B / B-01 is distinguished by extended DE measurement range and advanced accuracy of DER measurement.

The instruments provide measurement of dose equivalent and dose equivalent rate of continuous and pulsed X-ray and gamma radiation, as well as time of dose accumulation.
Devices have audible, visual and vibration alarms to warn a user when preset dose/dose rate threshold levels are exceeded.

The PM1610B-01 version can be used with different types of wireless readers in compliance with ISO 15693.

- Measurement of pulse X-ray and gamma radiation with pulse duration 1 ms and up
- Dose rate measurement up to 10 Sv/h (1000 rem/h)
- Dose measurement up to 20 Sv  (2000 rem)
- Two independent alarm thresholds for dose and dose rate
- Wide energy range from 20 keV to 10 MeV
- Settings can be controlled (blocked by the user to change) from a PC via USB
- Ability to display measurements in Sv or rem
- Audible, visual and vibration alarms
- Turning off the alarm by pressing any button
- Shockproof hermetic case
- Light weight and compact size
The instruments can be integrated into Personal Dose Tracker System for having radiation measurements stored and for monitoring personnel exposure data.

- Civil Defense
- Emergency services
- First responders
- Customs and border patrol
- Medical professionals
- Radiological and Radionuclide isotope laboratories
- Other professionals


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