X-Ray - FEP ME 536

X-Ray - FEP ME 536

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product description: X-Ray - FEP ME 536

Compact design X-Ray inspection system for mail, parcel and small luggage control. Its small size and stand-alone configuration with monitor and console on top of the unit make installation possible in limited spaces.
Tunnel size: 50cm x 36cm. Small footprint: 150cm x 77cm x 120cm.
Dual-energy detection technology and high quality images.

Ray inspection system that has achieved more than 3,000 installations worldwide. Planned in modular design as a tabletop system, FEP ME 536 offers considerable flexibility, making it suitable for several different ­applications.

Thanks to state-of-the-art X-ray, sensor, and computer technologies, this system offers functions developed from complex solutions for aviation security applications. FEP ME 536 permits configurations with operator training, TIP and image management functionalities. 

Being one of the most space-saving X-ray inspection systems available, FEP ME 536 is ideal for use in mailrooms, entrance halls, correctional and judicial facilites, schools and many other security sensitive areas, where contact-free inspection of pouches, bags, letters or packages is required.

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